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Date posted:  7/4/2013 at 1:38 PM
We specialize in water wise, Florida native, and Florida friendly residential landscape design, installation, and improvements. This results in an elegant yet tough landscape with accents you select.  Accents can be tropical, edible, low maintenance landscaping, or any combination you request.
We also offer supplemental services such as landscape clean up, trimming, weed control, irrigation repair, mulching, speciality fertilization, and sod replacement.
We are staffed to handle large full scale renovations as well as small scale projects.
What to expect from Earthwise:
I will meet with you, take the time to properly evaluate your landscape, and gain a clear understanding your preferences before we proceed to estimation.
Our mindset during the entire process will be:  Do it right the first time.
I want to ensure not only successful establishment, but also long term success of your new landscape.
I want to establish an open line of communication throughout the process.  I return calls and emails within 24 hours.
Comprehensive follow up and advice to make sure the project is successful.
We will invite you to become one of our regular clients on our supplemental maintenance program.
When I created Earthwise Horticultural Services, my philosophy & style was influenced by multiple disciplines of landscaping. These disciplines include Florida friendly landscaping, water-wise, organic, IPM, as well as traditional & contemporary influences.
In Florida friendly landscape design the task is straight forward, select the right plants for the right place while also making sure the preferences of our valued clients are completely understood & met with enthusiasm.
Florida friendly landscaping is a system of landscaping developed by the University of Florida.  This type of landscaping addresses many issues such as water management, waste management, nutrition management, and plant material selection.  This philosophy also helps one to understand how to manage pests reponsibly and attract a mulititude of beneficial wildlife such as birds and butterfly.
We regularly design and install "no turf" landscapes.  This is includes a combination of native plant material and non-native plants that are not invasive.  By using various combinations of ground cover, ornamental plants, structural shrubs, and small-large trees you can have a landscape that does not have a lawn and requires a minimum of care.
We also install full Florida native landscapes and edible gardens.  Why not?  You might as well get a return on the money you invest, right?
If you prefer a contemporary turf dominant landscape we can do that too.  We will make sure the job is done right by taking into account all factors that affect the establishment and continued success of turfgrass in Central Florida.
Turf, no turf, and anywhere in between ~ Our goal is for you to have the landscape you have always wanted!
The end result is a landscape that not just integrates your preferences, but also minimizes consumption, and just plain makes sense.

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